Friday, February 17, 2012

Betty Draper's Closet

I'm not much of a TV watcher.  I will listen to it as I clean jewelry, prepare packages for shipping or work on my listings; however, I rarely just sit and watch TV.  Last summer while I was visiting my daughter we decided to make pillow cases, and since her husband was out of town, we set her livingroom area up so we could each have our own sewing machines, cutting tables and ironing board.  She wanted to catch up on a couple of seasons of  Mad Men on AMC ; and said, "Mom, you'll love this show."  In my mind, I just sort of rolled my eyes, and thought to myself, "I'll endure this because I love her and want to like what she likes."

'Betty Draper's Closet - VJSE 50/50 Friday' 

by TheJewelSeeker

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As it turns out, I loved the show, and enjoyed a marathon of watching all four seasons on the internet, thanks to Netflix and Hulu!  Betty Draper reminds of of nobody that I have ever known personally, but who I would have been captivated by.  Her sense of fashion, her delicate features and her amazing way she portrays innocence in a time when the pressures for the sexual revolution were bubbling under the surface.

Betty dresses to the nines, whether she was in jeans, dining out with her husband, Don, or trying to restart her modeling career.  I can only imagine that she would be in fashion heaven to be able to shop the Etsy Vintage Jewelry section to find beaded necklaces to match the dresses in her wardrobe!  As I long to see what Don Draper is up to with his new bride; and what may have happened with Betty and her new husband; as well as how her relationship with her daughter Sally may progress, I decided to make the above treasury.  


  1. That is awesome, i love this post.

  2. very nice post. l really enjoyed it.

  3. So Many beautiful items. You did such a beautiful job creating Betty Draper's Closet.

    1. Thank you for the comments - I love the fashions from late 50's through the early 70's! So flattering and sweetly sexy! The jewelry of the 50's was outstanding and became simpler through the 60's and almost non-existent in the 70's other than simple chains and big bold natural looking beads.

  4. I would kill to get the above beauties in my closet/jewelry box! Well done and great post!