Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tutorial for Promoting the Etsy Coupon Code

Promoting our shops and now the Etsy Coupon Code is really a challenge. The "Shop Profile" where we add our introduction just doesn't seem to show up enough to really advertise in. So, I wanted to make sure that the customers would see the customer code clearly. If it shows up in the "featured items", it would be more visable. I tried posting the picture below, without any thing else in the listings. I figured I would pay 20 cents just to get the picture in my store under the featured items. However, Etsy is very clear that we are not to list "empty" items. I learned this after I posted a picture of an my "Coupon code: It was apparent that the coupon code could still be promoted in the same fashion, only I needed to actually use an item that is in my shop. So, this is a tutorial to show you how I did it: Open your the graphics program(I use Adobe Photo Shop)and Click File, then in the drop down menu, click "open": Select the picture that you want to use and click "open": Crop your picture: Click Enhance and then click in the drop down menu, "Adjust Color" and then "Color Variation": I rarely have to do much more than lighten the picture, but sometimes I will want to decrease reds or blues. Adjust your picture until you are happy with it and then click "ok": Then in your Enhance drop down menu, click Adjust Brightness/Contrast and then "Brightness/Contrast": With Adobe Photoshop, all you have to do is slide the contrast button over until you are happy with the look of your picture: With jewelry pictures, I always sharpen, because it helps the fine details come out in the picture: Now we are ready to enter the text. I click the "T" on the Menu bar: Then to then I click the color pallet to chose the color I want to use for the text: I always center my text, I only have to click the picture where I want the center of the text to be and start typing: Now it's time to place this picture in my Etsy store on the item that matches what is in the picture I just wrote the Text on. So I go to "Your ETsy" and find the item and click "EDIT". Then below the three pictures on the I click "edit": Click "Browse" and look for the Picture you want to upload that has the text. Click it and open: Now click "upload": Click on the picture you just uploaded, Right click it and drag it so that it is in the first position: Click "Last": Go to the item, and make sure that the "feature" star is green, and then go to your front page and make sure that your "ad" is showing in the featured item: Attention: If your a treasury maker, you will want to be careful not to include this kind of picture.

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