Friday, March 30, 2012

1970's Seventeen Magazines Part Two: The Pendant & Skinny Chain

My last post focused on the fashions of the 1970's as I see it through the pages of a collection of Seventeen Magazines that I picked up at an estate sale in Central California. I was enthralled with those times and the economic, political and social influences on fashion.

Above Photo's copied from 1971 August Seventeen Magazine

I’m still turning pages, treading my way down the fashion highway of the early 1970’s. The colors were bold and bright; as well, the fabrics designs were heavily patterned with large plaids, stripes, paisley’s and flowers. Plaids were mixed and matched, while overstated colors contrasted. There was no room for boisterous extreme jewelry accented by sparkling rhinestones. Simplicity was the word. Long chains with a pendant dangling loosely from the gold or silver tone links were one of the fashion trends of that time.
Seventeen Magazine, August 1974
Jewel Trifari Advertisement

As I was collecting various pictures from my treasured 1970’s Seventeen Magazines, I found a full two page ad from the well known vintage jewelry company, Trifari, proclaiming, "how to wear a sweater with Trifari". The pendants hanging from the 18” – 36” chains ranged from abstract designs to sweet simple figurals.

Seventeen Magazine, August 1974
Jewel Trifari Advertisement

Multi-strands of beaded necklaces were still a popular left over from the 50’s and 60’s, but the design changed in that the strands were longer and the beads were bolder. The more common single strand beaded necklaces were quiet statement baubles of art glass and often accented with a larger pendant. 

The picture on the left is a Trifari ad out of the August 1972 September issue of Seventeen; and Judi Bollan -  VintageJewelry4u on Etsy - sent this picture of the same Trifari Necklace from her personal collection.  

Abstract pendants were very popular, as well as tassels. It was not unusual to adorn an outfit of plaid wool bell bottoms and sleek ribbed turtleneck with a heavily embroidered floral vest adding several layers of thin chains.

This advertisement out of the 1972 August issue of Seventeen shows another chain and pendant and various styles of earrings that could be worn with the necklace.

The Vintage Jewelry Sellers on Etsy Team members have some fabulous examples of vintage Trifari, Monet, Sarah Coventry and other designers from the 1970’s. Here are just a few designs that I favorite which date from 1970-1974:

Purple Daisy
Heirloom Brooches & Baubles
Crimson Vintiques
Violas Vintage
Shooting Creek Jewelry

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Spark And Inspire Business Tips: Business Spark: Gayla Esch

Spark And Inspire Business Tips: Business Spark: Gayla Esch: First and last Name: Gayla Esch Business Name: The Jewel Seeker thejewelseeker
I was interviewed a few weeks ago, and this is the resulting article. I like the interview process and may start interviewing also!